Friday, November 19, 2010

Dear Celebrities (and Wannabes)

This past week I had several conversations with people, that made me think, about what other people think. I am not sure why it is so important to be followed by a lot of people, yet not follow very many people?

Is it like, a bragging right? "I only follow X amount of people but thousands are following me"; is it low self-esteem? "I am not good enough because  I follow too many people"; is it a prejudice? "People who follow too many people must not be interesting."

Maybe it's just an ego thing? I am the first to say, if you are meeting your Social Media goals, congratulations, please ignore me.  However...what are your goals? Are you trying to connect with a very few amount of people?  If thats the case, how do you explain some of the following facts:

  • TALKING in the third person
  • NEVER responding to anybody
  • NOT thanking anyone
  • ONLY talking to other celebrities
  • ONLY sending links trying to sell things
  • ONLY promoting yourself and what you are doing
As a strategy it's odd to me what someone is trying to do with their Social Media efforts, other than showing off or just trying to sell me something?

By the way, following a bunch of people, getting them to follow you and then unfollowing them to look cool. NOT COOL!

Have you ever wondered why they call it Social Media?

Media=Form of Communication

Drum roll please........friendly communication.......we could all be wise to take a lesson from Celebs like Kathy Ireland, Dan Cortese, Nancy SinatraJess Wright or Alyssa Milano.

When you engage or listen to people, see what they have to say and follow people back if they say something you like.  I can almost guarantee you will naturally see a raise in product sales and online popularity.  People buy things from people they like, and have a positive experience with; by engaging/answering/following them you are opening the lines of communication.

Keep in mind: just because someone follows you or talks to you, doesn't mean they always will.

On a side note....I think we all can work better at engaging followers/followees.
STOP 'broadcasting,'  and START "communicasting"!

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  1. Great points Jessica! Tell it like it is!
    I noticed this kinda of crap on Twitter and especially Facebook from artists like Toby Keith, Lee Brice, Rascal Flatts, bugged the heck out of me when I saw a tweet or post from Keith Urban that said "Keith is so happy to announce" << ridiculous!
    I ain't buying these one way Social Media relationships!