Monday, November 1, 2010

Bubba tells me "Lay off Country Programming"

Randy "Bubba" Black PD and CEO of KATM Modesto, Kat Country 103 hit me up on Facebook last week and said "Lay off Country Programming". It was the last sentence in a reply about using the stupid term "cue to call". Now think about it. If I lay off Country Music Radio Programming, this would be a pretty boring site. We would be talking about who the new VP of A&R at Sony is and pictures of The Band Perry at a free show in Boise. 

We wanted a site to stir your emotions and thoughts. Not one format web site for radio programming is like FULL THROTTLE COUNTRY. In 2011, we are going to really open the information process at FTC. Jessica is working on a way to incorporate all of your blogs and websites into the social network nerves of FULL THROTTLE COUNTRY. We are beta testing with Q-103 Lousiville's Kris Daniels blog called KRIS COUNTRY. We would develop a menu of talent blogs that link through FTC. 

The idea is to keep talking about Country Programming and have everyone involved in the process. Our format needs a central operating voice and we hope to be that. CMR needs talk openly about the issues that affect the format and how to overcome them. So Bubba, I can't lay off Country Programming. 


  1. Uncle Buck:

    Please don't lay off country programming. I come to this site everyday for the different ideas. Some I agree with, some I don't. There is no more sacred cow in country radio and radio programming in any format for that matter.
    Keep presenting the different ideas. "Can't we all just get along...."

  2. Lay off country programming??? Don't! This format needs more idea sharing, more critical thinking and needs to look more forward into the future and all the platforms open to us. We need to talk about music mix...the presentation...the demo's...using Facebook, texting and whatever the next evolution is. Raise hell...get's not enough sharing between programmers these days...

    Lay off country programming...don't even think about it!