Friday, November 12, 2010

13 Social Media Don'ts for Radio

This past week I had the honor of being featured on one of Country Music Radio consultants Jaye Albright and Mike O'Malley’s client conference calls to discuss Social Media Networking for Radio. During the call one of the brightest stars in CMR, APD / MD of Boise’s WOW Country 104.3 Dan Matthews asked what things I thought CMR was doing wrong or what ‘Cardinal [Social Media] Sins” do I see happening?

My quick answer to this is that CMR is not engaging followers enough; and not listening to conversations and/or participating, basically still just BROADCASTING.

My long answer will go back to the basics: what are you goals with Social Media? What are you trying to do with your Social Media Platform participation? Determine your goals and manage your expectations, right? (My mantra.)

I was discussing this with my partner in crime, Chuck Geiger, and we decided that instead of my usual how to and what to do, we would put together a list of what not to do

I want to preface this with the thought that we are making assumptions based on what our strategy would be for a ‘typical’ Country Music Radio Station. Your goals for Marketing and online strategy should guide your best practices for Social Media optimization.

1.) Don't use multiple Social Media pages. Have only one for the station per platform.

2.) Don't tell listeners you have Tim McGraw coming up at 3:35p, unless it's an interview with Tim. 

3.) Refrain from anything that could be construed as blue, risqué, negative or mean. Your stations reputation is at stake. Air talent have been suspended or fired for this.

4.) Don't tweet every few days. Do it every few hours!!!! As for Facebook update, a few times a day at most and at least daily. Keep your station Social Media profiles live and up-dated.

5.) Don't try to do too much too fast.

6.) Don't spam on Social Media sites.

7.) Don't become one who hears - But doesn't do. 

8.) Don't use social media sites to expound ego and semantics. Keep it real, listener-based and avoid "bad Social Media breaks".

9.) Don't offer A LOT of artist and music information unless it is something really interesting that the artist told you. 

10.) Don't forget community building and public service, community organization promotions and events.

11.) Don't plug inane contests on social media sites, this is SPAM to users. Think about who your audience is and what would be interesting to them.

12.) Dont' forget video promos for the morning show. Station cameras can record short MP3's. 

13. Don't confuse news and information with conversational content that engages and entertains listeners. 

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