Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Driving with "The Digital She" Sarah Kay Hoffman

The Digital She of Country

Meet Sarah Kay Hoffman a digitally-addicted Country Girl Rockin’ San Fran and an Online Community Manager for Sears Fitness. Also the owner of “Digital Mention by She.
She believes that the future of digital (and the world in general) is an online mention married with engagement, interaction and conversing.
Digital Mention by she is built on the premise that everyone “secretly” or “not-so-secretly” wants their digital mention with and in whatever they do. And yes Mike Krinik she is your P1 but can be found exclusively online!

Where are you answering these questions from?
My “home office” in Northern California.

What are you wearing right now?
Funny! I’m wearing black workout pants (because I’m about to head to the gym) and a big, comfortable maroon and gold “Minnesota” sweatshirt. Oh, and my wristbands because I’m already in the early stages of carpal tunnel!

How did you get started in Social Media?
I have always had a fascination with all things Marketing, Advertising and Communications-related. I sort of “fell” into Social Media, much like anyone else “falls” into their own passions! My grand “entrance,” though was probably my 3 month “Ambassadorship” with Nike promoting the 2009 Nike+ 10K Human Race.

What are 3 items you CAN NOT live without?
Let’s just pretend people are not included in this one! My MAC, iPod & Running Shoes. (Are you shocked I didn’t say cell phone? I hate the phone. I don’t do voicemail. And if someone needs to text me, they might as well just tweet at me

Favorite item of clothing/jewelry/accessory?
Anything workout related. I could wear my Nike’s all day. They are comfortable. And because I’m an overly-active person, my workout clothes make me 100% mobile!

Have you ever been in a fight?
Physical? Ah – no! Verbal – maybe mildly. I’m easy going. No need for drama!

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?
“How can I make this an awesome day?” Followed shortly by, “Oh My – where’s my Starbucks?!”

What kind(s) of car do you drive?
2005 Volkswagen Jetta

Is there anything that you regret?
Only one thing – that I didn’t start a Blog in 2006 or before!

What are your fondest childhood memories? In your house? In your neighborhood or town?
I kid you not, one of my most fond childhood memories is when we were at a small, small bar in a tiny town called Meridan, Minnesota with many family members. My aunt played the jukebox and on came, “There’s a Tear in My Beer.” I will never forget that as long as I live – I was still probably in the single-digit age category!
In my house, with my family (mom, dad and brother) I can vividly remember my Mother playing the piano while I learned to sing every country song possible alongside. I always wanted to be a country singer!
I grew up in the country, in a small town in Southern Minnesota. My fondest memories in High School revolve around the small-town “simplicities” of life. There was always a friend to ride around “town” with all night. There was always a hockey game to play with our Varsity Team (yes, I played ice hockey) or a family event of some sort (I am related to most of the town).
I have nothing but fantastic memories of childhood. I am proud that I grew up in the middle of everywhere, on back country roads, in Minnesota!

What current event has your eyes and ears? And what are you doing about it?
2 things:
BlogWorld – Huge Social Media event in Las Vegas beginning Thursday, October 14th. What am I doing? Going to it!
Rock ‘n Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon to benefit Crohns/Colitis – Running it! The event is on
 I have a form of Colitis, I run & I am honoring the cause and marrying it with my passion for fitness.

How do you use Social Media in your industry for productivity?
Social Media is my industry! I use it to grow an online community for the Sears Fitness and Sporting Goods Business. I also utilize Social Media for personal branding and showcasing how Generation Y can utilize it for their own benefit instead of ruining their personal brand because of it!

What is your favorite website?
Because I’m a digital addict for knowledge and social media, I will have to say Mashable (

If you had a Super Power what would it be?
To physically be in several places at one time.

Which famous people do you admire?
“Fame” doesn’t really make me go crazy. But here are a few I admire:
Eric Church – He always shows up and gives his fans a show they will not forget. He plays for his fans, not for what “mainstream” might be. He knows who his is. And he rocks that perfectly perfect!
Oprah – Call me a “bandwagon girl,” but what Oprah has done for so many is incredible. She takes a no-name person/business and makes them an overnight “celebrity.” People can say, “Well she has the money to give.” So what? She is not expected to give that money – she worked for it. She stands tall when people say all the nasty things about her. She has paid the price of fame, and I admire how she continues to hold herself in the spotlight.
Reba McEntire – Probably the person I have admired the most consistently over the years. She excels at everything she does, and I have been a fan for as long as I can remember!

What is your favorite movie?
Favorite movie of all time is Jerry Maguire. I love it because it’s sports, fame, success, love, passion, honesty, heartache and inspiration driven. I love the underlying message that you can become as successful in life as you want, but without someone there to share it with you that success is merely arbitrary.

Favorite snack?
I’m an eater – a huge foodie! ( That being said, I have a form of colitis and several food intolerances, so I have to be very, very careful with what I eat! My current favorite snack is Greek Yogurt + fruit in the morning and Gluten Free Crackers + The Laughing Cow Cheese (and Red Wine or Vodka) at night!

How do you balance your work with other obligations - mate, children, hobbies?
It’s hard. I’m so focused on work that I really have to be cognizant of the people and other things I love most in my life. What are they? My husband, our two dogs and working out. As Nike says, “Just Do It!” For the things that are important in my life, I’ll always find time for. I make them all a priority, each and every day. Even if I’m traveling, I call my husband, sometimes say hello to the dogs and get a workout in! It can be done!

Do you get nervous about anything?
Nervous? Not really! Stressed? Yes! But then again…with life, comes stress. Managing it is the key.

If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be, and what would say to them?
People are always answering this question with some overly extravagant. And when I get asked it, I don’t know why, but for some reason I’m always drawn back to the Country Music Scene. I’m fascinated with it and with the talent and I think that’s why I have such a desire to just sit down and “talk shop” with the “great ones!” Here’s my answer: Loretta Lynn. I finally saw her movie not too long ago. We didn’t start the movie until 8 or 9pm. Typically, when we start any movie at that time of night, no matter how great it is I’ll fall asleep. I couldn’t take my eyes off this movie. I was extremely captivated and intrigued. Loretta Lynn amazes me. She was a “true” country girl, with a “true” country voice. She had all the talent, none of the “flash,” and probably my most favorite thing was to see her sans-makeup, beautiful as ever and taking her show (even back in the day) on the road – moving up and on – stopping for no one! I would simply ask her to “tell me her story.” A movie can only do so much, but hearing it from her would be a true “night cap!”

What is your hobby or do you collect anything?

I do not collect anything. I have several hobbies: Food, wine, traveling, exploring, design, writing, singing & photography.

What chore to you hate?

Folding socks! I hate finding the “matching socks.” It’s a tedious task that seems to take forever. I don’t have the patience. And vacuuming. Not my thing!

Do you have an animal/s?
Yes! Our two dogs. We have a Peekepoo, Fiona, who will be 5 on November 4th. And we have a Great Dane, Reagan, who just turned 2.

Fruits or Vegetables?

Both! My favorite fruits are bananas, grapes, raspberries and watermelon. My favorite vegetables are squash, asparagus, zucchini and baby carrots.

Mac or PC?
I have both, but I prefer my MAC.

Ginger or Mary Ann?
Will you “fire” me from this interview if I tell you I never really watched the show?!

Salt or Pepper?

Salt – Sea Salt that is!

Craziest thing you have ever done?
Probably moving to LA right out of college, not knowing anything or anyone and leaving the only family, friends and “home” I had ever known.

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