Friday, October 1, 2010

The New Twitter

It occurred to me that Twitter has weaved its way into the very fabric of Multi Media content thus becoming content. It is evident now more than ever with new TV shows popping about popular Twitter pages like "$#*! My Dad Says" and "Shh Don't Tell Steve" that Twitter has found it's niche.

"Look at segments like Jimmy Fallon's Late Night hashtags, where Tweets from viewers aren't a gimmick; they're great content. Look at sites like the Huffington Post, where Tweets underscore and amplify the headlines whenever there's a big story brewing. Look at live shows like the VMAs, where Twitter came alive on a 95-foot-wide screen."

"With the launch of the new Twitter, the ways that media fits into are just as important. Whenever there's a new movie release, a TV show premiere, a big football game, or a breaking news story, people are talking about it on Twitter. With the new Twitter, they're seeing glimpses of it, too, because photos and videos are now presented as part of the core Twitter experience"

Twitter is a great place to uncover and discover new things and even test the water on new ideas. I have about 5 fledgling dot coms that I am working with and through Twitter I am able to determine level of interest and know where I should spend more time developing.

Earlier this month, Kevin Thau, Twitter's Vice President of business and corporate development made the distinction during a presentation at Nokia World 2010. According to Thau, Twitter is not a social network. It's for news, content and information.

In my humble opinion, Twitter is getting its second wind with the New Twitter. I am so blown away with the functionality and new experience that it provides. The New version has not been released to everyone, I have only had in a couple days. My friend Anita Nelson owner of did a really nice blog post featuring the "New Twitter" and kindly agreed to let me share it in my Finger Candy Friday post.

THE NEW TWITTER by Anita Nelson

But like all new things, New Twitter is going to take a little getting used to. It’s kind of like rolling up on a new app for Twitter, you look around, reaching for the familiar areas. There are no familiar areas in the New Twitter. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, I’ve had it for so short a time, I’ve yet to form an opinion, but I did take some screenshots to share since I know everyone is not so lucky to have it yet. Here is what we will be working with from now on…
Welcome to the New Twitter

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