Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sunday Driving with Social Media Sensation CJaye LeRose

by Jessica Northey
Meet "Social Media Sensation," CJaye LeRose, in her words, "a country sing'n-guitar pick'n-songwritin'-dog rescuin' CHICK! Oh and check out YouTube thats where my STAGE is!"

There is something about CJaye. A certain 'je ne sais quoi' that makes her stand out from all the noise online. She also has an approach to Country Music that is wholesome, comedic and vivacious. It is refreshing and enjoyable to watch her grow.

She is extremely interesting, with MANY layers and a joy to work with! I am looking forward to her future!

I thought it would be fun to play Q & A with CJaye....enjoy!

Which famous musicians do you admire?
My favorite all time is probably Brad Paisley, mainly because I love his sense of humor and how he writes!!!!

What is your favorite movie?
Why...Hummmm I always used to say Forresst gump, but I just realized I havent seen it in years and cant tell ya much about it, so Im switching to my NEW favorite, Walk The Line. :)

Favorite snack?
Homemade tortillas on the girl with TONS of melted butter and salt...THEN dipped in Salsa...yummm

What are 3 items you CAN NOT live without?
Hummm my curling iron, my dogbone necklace, and running shoes!

How do you balance your music with other obligations?
So far it hasnt been hard, but I dont have a job...this is my job ;)

Do you get nervous before a performance or a competition?
Yes but its a good nervous...its more of an excited, I cant wait to get up there nervous!

Do you or your band have a ritual before each performance?
nope maybe when I get my full band ;))

What are your fondest musical memories?
Probably listening to Deana Carter's cd over and over again in 5th grade. Calling all my friends making them listen it and making them swear to me they loved country! OH OH or waiting in my room with my little blank tapes and radio to record the count down so I could listen to my favorite songs...having to rewind them over and over to hear them on repeat :) Just not how it works anymore :)

If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be
and what would say to them?

Id like to meet Brad Paisley and Id say, "can I go on tour with you?"

What is your favorite hobby?
Saving dogs, I would like it to be my job...There are so many homeless dogs in this world that are just waiting to be loved..that just makes me so sad!

We hear about some of the odd things artists put in their contract riders, so what’s the one thing you really need backstage?
My dog lol....can I bring my dog?! Thats all I would care about :)

What chore to you hate?
Hummm anything that has to do with cleaning, or all of them :)

Favorite animal?
Hummmmmmmm guess :)

Do you have an animal/s? What kind/s? Names?
I have Big and Cooper..Cooper is the big one, Big is the little one!

Favorite color?
I love green, I didnt realize it was my favorite color until I had a house, and I always am picking out green things :)

Craziest thing you have ever done?
Hummm I theres a lot of crazy things that just seem wrong when I type them out

Free for all:
I am a christian and I owe everything to GOD!!! I am a die hard country fan, and my favorites are Brad Paisley, Toby Keith, and Dolly Parton!!!
If I could do ONE thing In life it would be STOP PUPPYMILLS!!! Adopt your dogs people!
If I could do another it would be to have a camp out with Brad, Dolly, REBA, Kelly, Taylor, Toby, Randy Travis, George, LUKE BRYAN....and any of you that wanna join...COME ON!
A little bit more about me...Im not a girl who has been singing her whole life, actually until 4 years ago, I just knew how to lipsync!!! I WANTED to sing, but I was scared, so literally, like in choir, Id lipsync. Ha. Im always jealous of the girls that said they could sing before they could talk...but nope, not here people :) I just wrote in my bedroom, and when I first realized I wanted..OR COULD sing, I was sitting in the bathtub being silly and singing a 'fake song' called, 'date with the tub' which is now a real song and on my myspace. That is when I decided hey...why not?!? Thats all folks :)


If you want to know more about CJaye LeRose check her out here:


  1. She is destined for stardom and I cannot wait for her ;o)~ Keep it coming Cjaye !!!

  2. Tried to like her but she seems a little arrogant and doesn't write her fans back tried to contact her through twitter and youtube. If she is going to be successful she needs to try and respond to as many fans as possible. If you don't have fans then you don't make money..she needs to realize this. She could be busy but as she said she doesn't have a job that this is her job. So therefore she could at least answer fan questions.

  3. @Todd She DOES respond to her fans. Why do I get answers back? And many others? She's not arrogant, she rocks :)

  4. @Todd - Think of it this way Todd (Stop feeling jaded about somebody who will fuel you in other ways)!

    She is about her Fans and producing Music. She has so many friends it is hard to please every one of them. Regardless of that comment you made she will become huge! A voice and one of the best personalities in country coming your way.

    Best Regards, Todd!

  5. I don't know not worried about it her voice is too squeeky anyway. I tried

  6. @Todd - Well then why the *#*# did you post anything about it? These are the types of comments that crack me up from every individual out there that believes their opinion is gold yet they are putting out opinions on things they themselves are not even into?

    Wow, Cool I am glad you realized you know nothing about country music. She has a country voice through and through. I am glad you tried to do what ever it was you tried to do but not really sure what that was but its good to see you giving up now.


  7. She is a wanna be Taylor Swift and I don't even think Taylor can really sing but she sounds a heck of a lot better than CJaye.. her voice is so squeeky..She may should try pop singing not country. And as far as her personality ,fake, wanna be always cheerful like Taylor Swift. Always Cheery? How is that possible? Sick and tired of this country letting these little girls in the industry that can't sing. Just b/c they have a pretty face well there is more to it than that..Let's stick to real woman in country AKA Miranda Lambert and Reba.

  8. @Todd - I am not going to resort to name calling. However, you really have no clue. The type of voice Cjaye has is the way country used to be. The old twangy way of country.

    She is no Taylor Swift and I believe Cjaye is older than Taylor. There is nothing wrong in life with Smiling, Being Humbled, and Being yourself. If that is who she is "Who the *@*@ are you to tell her she is not?"

    Reba is an old Star in country and Cjaye will be an up and coming new star. Miranda Lambert is an amazing singer but if you truly tried to contact Cjaye its good to know you help support these so called horrible singers because of a pretty face.

    I think you are upset because she has a pretty face and is not a star yet but wait no response :( GROW UP!

    She will be famous BOSS!!!

  9. You guessed it ... ToddSeptember 8, 2010 at 11:46 AM

    Lol so cute you must be her daddy trying to stand up for her. If not that is what you are acting like. And you are correct Miranda is an Amazing singer that is the real deal.

    If Cjaye is older than Taylor why does she try and act like a little girl then? Moreover she is so egocentric I believe she even wrote this article about herself from a free blog post site... sad.. You can tell she typed it from the way its written. I just feel as if she isn't giving what she should be if she is trying to make it. I was giving the girl some pointers and you jumped in.

  10. @Todd

    Think about this, Cjaye has 12,235 followers in Twiter, 25,987 subscribers on YouTube, and 1,186 fans on Facebook. Now, yes I do realize that alot of those numbers include duplicate people. However, I do know that she WILL respond to emails, Facebook messages and wall posts, and Tiwtter comments.

    Just because she didn't respond to you doesn't meat that she doesn't responds to her fans. And as for be a want-to-be Taylor Swift, give your head a shake. Cjaye has a totally different sound then Taylor.

  11. I know she has a totally different sound than Taylor just listen to her voice..squeeky... which Taylor isn't that great herself but owell. I won't be listening and I'm sure many agree. Have a good one!

  12. Wow someone that feels the same way as me can't stand the fakeness also. Good luck CJaye keep trying

  13. @Everybody who is hating:

    It is quite comical that we sit back and defend character not individuals and still get called out as if I am some crazed lunatic (or by Todd's standards).

    I am not going anymore about this. This world is not in the greatest of states and being fake or choosing to be something is a lot different. I was always told as a child and still am that you choose to be happy and in the morning you say that to yourself. Nobody can make me unhappy today except for me.

    We all know people have problems and issues but damn I do not want their emotional problems thrown all over the place. Let's be honest I would rather somebody who is keeping true to who they see themselves as then just letting life destroy that light in them.

    So to those who believe being happy and giddy all the time is Fake (I would say I agree) however, we do not see Cjaye every second of every day... and if she meets her fans (which is her job) and is not trying to be who she believes people should be (in terms of personalities) then what is the point?

    Learn some metaphysics and try to work on that part of the iceberg that is under the water bro... Its called Character!! Work on that.. this has nothing to do with defending Cjaye as much as it does with defending a better fricken world which by the way I have some stock in that!

  14. @Todd - Also, her voice is not in question here... She is an amazing singer.. and if you never liked her voice why did you try to contact her or become her friend anyway? Just Curious?

  15. Exactly you are right.. it is called Character. Like a character in a book or movie. She is "acting" "fake" same thing. She should be herself and not care what others think. Too cheerful all the time just gets old. Fans want the real you b/c before long being in a "character" all the time will wear down and you will be left with nothing then your fans will see the real you and you may lose them bc they will feel as if you lied to them the whole time! We will wrap this up b/c we could go back and forth all day. To CJaye I'm sure you are reading this just be true to yourself and to others. Don't get yourself caught up trying to be like "Taylor Swift" yeah she made some money being "fake" and still is but her 15 mins of fame is coming to an end soon. Step out and be different please. And your old buddy Mike has a crush on you btw! He comes to your defense. Props to him

  16. Did I say I tried to be her friend? I wrote her a message and she never replied back but the message wasn't hateful I told her to keep it up blah blah blah. Trying to inspire her but then I realized wait...this is an egocentric girl .. this isn't the real deal

  17. @Todd - I am done because this is not about me defending her and you obviously just like to argue. I was trying to be understanding and relate to some of your pov's. Its fine I am done with this rant as you have some skewed opinion of this female up and coming star for some odd reason. The only thing you have mentioned is your jaded attitude towards not being responded to.

    Its shows me that you are a self-righteous need everybody's attention or I cry about it. Nah its cool I got what you are saying. Peace!

  18. @Todd - Also, I do not hate anybody. (that includes you)

    I do not disagree with certain things you have said. As a matter of fact I believe that the only thing I disagree with is that little thing called respect and integrity.

    Being real is a good thing but also realize that all people are different and we all can have OUR OWN personality type. If they choose to believe in themselves in this light why would you tell them they should not be?

    I believe if this truly is the way ANY STAR or Person (NOT JUST CJAYE)wants to be TRULY.. Then who am I to stop them from believing they can be genuinely (Calm, Kind, Understanding, Loving, and generally intelligent open minded individuals) I see nothing wrong with that.

  19. Make a better world; Simply smile and be yourself! Learn from the negatives and bring about positives to the world. We sure need it ;o)

  20. Also, I believe you have the egocentric thing totally wrong... How can you say somebody only sees things from their frame of reference to the point of totally losing connection with the society around them?

    She is probably a very empathetic!

  21. CJaye I think I found your Number 1 fan? Mikey! Thanks for agreeing with some of the stuff I have said also I agree with stuff that you have said I don't see her 24/7 but she just needs to chill out on all the "giddy" I'm so happy stuff with all the smilyes at the end of every sentence. Geez be real

  22. @Todd - Well I think that is who she is.. She loves to do what she is doing... She is probably only sad when she is not doing it :) ...

    Its been real, Todd! ;) LOL

  23. Todd loves smileys hahahaSeptember 8, 2010 at 12:56 PM

    One last final statement from me is right below hahaha


  24. Now that I think about it all those smileys she does is annoying.

  25. Well I completely disagree!! I think she is who she is don't know why people choose to bring others down ~~

    Go be negative somewhere else!

  26. Everybody has their own opinion and always will thats life deal with it. Especially if you are trying to "be famous" their will be many opinions get used to it

  27. Seriously guys this is not a sandbox or the place to write these kind of comments. If you were actually paying attention you would have realized that I (Jessica Northey) wrote this article ABOUT CJaye! It was a Q&A that supposed to be fun and I am sorry if you don't have a sense of humor. I am totally fine if you don't want to read my blog anymore or EVER again! JUST for your information, CJaye is the MOST down to Earth person I have ever met in my life and she goes to GREAT lengths to respond to EVERY post that is sent to her from fans.
    CONGRATULATIONS CJAYE! you know you have arrived when people start hating on you for no good reason (except jealousy and envy)!

  28. @JessicaNorthey -

    Wow, I left this because earlier I was trying to defend good people but all I kept getting was how "Supposedly Egocentric she is" ....

    It blew my mind because she seems like an amazing person. I will continue reading your BLOG as a matter of fact I will be coping them to my facebook.

    You do a great job and Cjaye is an amazing person! Be happy because you choose to be not because you feel you have to be !! YOU GO JESSICA AND CJAYE!!!

  29. Sorry Mikey :) let me be clear...I was only speaking to the PEOPLE who were going out of their way to be rude/negative about CJAYE.

  30. No disrespect but how can you say someone has "arrived" when they post all there stuff on youtube? I haven't heard her on the radio or seen her on tv or anything. I just come across her on youtube one night. She says youtube is her stage ..true..along with millions others. She has a decent voice..true..along with millions others. She can play the guitar..true..along with millions others..she looks decent..true..along with millions others ...she is trying to get rich off youtube ..true..along with millions others!!!!
    Good luck ..Rock ON!

    P.S. Cjaye you can play guitar and you do sound decent I wish you luck but I agree she does come across as "too" perfect nobody is that perfect it will get annoying to people.


  31. shesh...did anyone read what I actually wrote.

  32. Its not worth it Jessica - Most people themselves are egocentric because to not say anything is to give a chance.

    To admit when you are wrong or just plain talking with a lot of hubris behind the statements. Being cocky is one thing but lets be honest ... Opinions... oh yea TRUE.... Along with millions of others.. So one person really does not make a difference.

    Not too mention CJaye will be famous and if people think she is fake enjoy thinking that but the truth is in her not your words.

    ROCK ON CJaye.... Keep it up Jessica !! ;)

    Mikey !!