Thursday, September 16, 2010

In case of emergency break glass

In 1976 Shotgun Tom told me while working at KCBQ together, he was going to install an emergency alarm box with a current air check and resume in his hallway. It would read in white letting on red, in case of emergency break glass. A good thought in these days of separations, layoffs and discharges from radio stations at the drop of a hat.

A good friend of mine left his job last week and I recommended him for a position and the first thing the station says, will he be sending a package? God I hope so. My boy told me he was a little rusty at audio and credential preparation. You can't be, the minute they are telling you goodbye, you need to be planning the next move on your career path. Jerry Clifton told me once, we waste too much time worrying about why we left gigs, we need to put that energy into finding a new one.

I never worried about leaving a station, you listen to what they have to say and move on. I rarely communicate with staffers I use to work with and I never go back to the place, unless they need me for paperwork or the related. Always be prepared and ready to move on. The best way to go.

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