Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fall Checklist Part 2

September 16th is the start of the Fall ratings. Are you checking your list to make sure your dialed in?

  1. Is the morning show talking to the audience and not each other?
  2. Do they convey emotion, comedy, information, entertainment, community and realness?
  3. Are they working a social media fiber/components into the show and sites?
  4. Are they involved with the community?
  5. Is there more community and pop culture verses "Nashville news"?
  1. Are they like a party with the listeners, client and customers?
  2. More than a table and tent?
  3. A reason for the interaction to take place?
  4. A reason for the listener to turn into a customer?
  5. Run the break first, if there is a technical concern, it can be corrected.
  1. Have you tweaked your audio?
  2. Is your competitor louder?
  3. Have you listened to all of the winning stations in the market to determine processing?
  1. Are you finding cost-efficient, creative ways to sell and market the station?
  2. Social Media!
  3. Work with your biggest clients to cross promote, station and client.
  4. Community service promotions every weekend. 
  5. Station concert series with community engagement. 

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