Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Big fish in a small pond

Recently, due to radio economics, many large market Country Music Radio programmers have opted to secure positions in small markets. This is anything new to the business, but this has it's positives and negatives, depending on the ownership and management.

Tom Jordan departs KSKS Fresno for Townsquare Media's Bozeman, MT CMR, KXLB. RJ Jordan late of the music ndustry and WPOR Portland lands in Sunbury. PA at WWBE amd Frank Seres late of WSM-FM Nashville arrives at KLAW Lawton, OK. A few months back major market CMR programmer Ray Massie went to Townsqaure's stations in Billings, MT. 

This is a major catch 22. These stations are owned by major companies, but sometimes they can't see the forest through the trees. Case in point, went I tried this, I operated by a creative prowess and brought a sonic sound implementation to the process. I was told on many instances, remember the market size, don't try to be bigger than the market. You mean to tell me that radio listeners in small markets want to hear crap on the radio? Watch for the traps in these conditions. If you have conversations and discussions up front about how it's going to be programmed, make sure everyone is on the same page. 

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  1. Please to say I had that chat with management up front... Numerous times actually. We are on the exact same page and it's a joy to work in a place that wants to put product first, has zero politics and always wants to improve. So happy that I thought outside of the box on this one!

    RJ Jordan