Thursday, July 29, 2010

What happens when the listeners and clients notice?

Talk to listeners about radio and especially clients and listen to
what they have to say. They notice that radio has cut and cut. They
might not use proper radio lingo to describe the circumstances, but
they tell you somethings changed and radio doesn't have a spark any

I can't believe that in this climate some companies have cut so much,
they tell local clients, they can't promote or partner with their
product unless it's a web site giveaway. There are no no local air
talents in some situations, so they resort to the web site. A web site
that is as empty as BP has excuses for the Gulf oil spill.

We say we have to be different and compelling, but yet what is the
difference between Pandora and and out of market voice-tracked talent
and a bunch of songs with generic sweepers between them? Not much.
Bill Figenshu touted the Peak Boise cluster for a large concert in Tom
Taylor's Radio-Info yesterday. Fig said "Let's see Pandora
have this kind of reaction".

This has to change or we need to be honest and tell the listeners and
clients, we just don't have enough cash flow to run these radio
stations the right way. You never know, maybe you can start a new PBS
kind of commercial radio with radiothons and accept cash from

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