Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Morning shows and The Community

Country Music Radio morning shows need to digress to the basics and back to their roots. Channel the spirit of past, present and future: W. Steven Martin at KNIX, Bob Robbins at KSSN Little Rock, Cornbread at WIL and make a connection with the community again. Simply wheeling and dealing pop culture interactives every morning won't be the deciding factor to how you win. Making a connection with the community is the key.
If you are one of those morning shows under contract and only work five days a week. You can stop reading now. Morning shows that want to continue to make a connection with the audience in PPM markets need to relate to the community and public. They need to adopt community service organizations. KYNG (Young Country) in Dallas had the (talent's name) charity of the month. 

Morning shows that are working to help better their community and spend sometime with their listeners at community service events organized by the station and themselves will be the ones rockin' the meter. If you buy into the meter propaganda and run your morning show by the meter antics, with no regard to the fun, community and spirit of the radio station, you will get hammered by someone who does. There is no clear cut information that shutting up and playing music with short talk bursts will win in Country Music Radio. The lifegroup loves their community and they are proud of it - When you hold a mirror up to them - Great things will happen. 

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