Friday, July 30, 2010

"How Did You Get So Many Followers?"

With, almost 68,000 Twitter Followers, 6000 Facebook Connections, I am often asked, "How did you get so many followers?"
I will tell you what I tell everybody:

-I try to be interesting
-I follow targeted people that match my interests and geographical area
-I actively engage other users by listening and asking questions

Seriously, that easy....and that simple!

Most people in Radio are really interesting. You always have the greatest stories, funniest photos and videos. Content is King and you get that!
It’s ok to talk about what you are doing, thinking, and MAYBE what you had for Breakfast if you do in a way that that Entertains others. as long as you do it in a way that is entertaining to your followers. Quotes, tips, questions, links to great articles do really well.

For Twitter, I use and because it is harder to target people on Facebook. I meet people through Twitter and if we bond there, I bring them over to Facebook with me :) You can also find people by region and or interest on Twitter. On Twitter or Facebook, follow the people who are following people who are similar to you. Follow the people who are following the other local TV stations, Newspapers, other personalities if it makes sense for Social Media goals.

Don't be a wallflower and wait other people to "ask you to dance!" Look for people you have something in common with and jump on in. You would be surprised and how effective a tool this is for connecting with ANYONE! Lots of celebrities, musicians, brands do their own Social Media and I have made some pretty cool friends AND clients!!

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