Friday, July 9, 2010

ABC’s of Social Media Success

ABC’s of Social Media Success
A great picture
Be yourself
Content is king
Determine goals and manage your own expectations
Engage others
Follow everyone who follows you (unless they are spammers)
GuyKawasaki-follow him (he follow’s back and when you talk to him he answers-imagine that)

Help others as often as you can
Interesting bio—this is YOUR headline and chance to shine
Just like your Personality, your Socialality should reflect you or your brands unique attributes
Keep up with technology
Listen to what others are saying
Make sure account is open to Public-It’s ‘Social Networking,’ Not ‘Anti-Social Networking’!
Never get too attached to any Platform….remember AOL, Yahoo, Myspace
On Twitter, register with & and use to find people with similar interests to get social with.
Promote Twitter on  Facebook, Facebook on your blog, YouTube on Twitter, etc.
Quotes, Tips, Questions, Trivia do really well.
ReTweet & RePost! ReTweeting and RePosting
Stop broadcasting and start communicasting
Take advantage of applications that streamline your efforts.
Understand your target audience
Vice to virtual…promote yourself in your social media gaming
Who are you? Elevator pitch is dead-how do you describe what you do in 140 characters or less?
X-factor…forget about what am I doing and start asking others what they are doing!
You are not that important---always take time to thank others
Zero-amount times you should talk about what you ate or your last bowel movement

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