Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Small Town – Large Playlist!

Why does every CMR programmer in small markets think they have got to play 600 songs on their radio stations? It can’t be for TSL. I don’t even think that’s a cover-up any longer. Did listeners to CMR in small markets wake up one day and say, “You know I want to listen to every stiff song ever recorded. I only want to hear new songs and while you’re at it, throw in some Waylon and Willie.” Don’t think that’s really true. Listeners regardless of market size want to hear their favorite’s songs and they want to hear them more often. You can dispel any notion of variety, a longer playlist and deep eras of music.
The last position I had in radio, the program director told me “I know my listeners and they don’t want to hear Brad Paisley and Keith Urban all the time.” First of all, they are the stations listeners and yes they want to hear Brad Paisley and Keith Urban. In most smaller markets, for some inane reason, songs are moved through the systems way too fast and new and unfamiliar songs are powered quicker. Used to be to garnish reporting status in Gavin and other small market trades that are no longer around. BTW the aforementioned program director would win small market music awards for a trade and alliance that was put together for small market stations to play new music.

I was told that my big market ideas wouldn’t fly in a smaller town. Big market ideas, you mean playing hits on the radio. 


  1. I agree that a small town station can have too large of a playlist, but I disagree that they should limit themselves to "hits" as defined by the major label dominated charts. In our town if you ask people who they'd rather hear, Brad Paisley or Cross Canadian Ragweed, they'd say both. But if the choices are Danny Gokey or Reckless Kelly, Reckless Kelly would win hands down. If we just stick to the Nashville charts, we may as well just go satellite.

  2. Trying to make a dig at K-DIRT again huh. I've had a butt full of that, I'll tell ya. When you have 35 31 books in a row give me a call. The large playlist werks for us.