Monday, June 7, 2010

PPM is coming, PPM is coming (done as Paul Revere)

We have some new markets going in to the two month test or pre-currencies this Summer and getting ready for Fall 2010 on-line. Programmers in these markets will be sharpening their skill set to better represent the skill-set needed for balancing between the diary and the meter. We have learned that message needs to be unique, stand out and be shorter than before. We see some markets with only 1 Country Music Radio station and some with multiple stations. 

Country Music Radio has performed well in major markets and not so well in Western markets. These will be the most interesting markets to observe. Most are Middle America and Southern markets where Country Music Radio has done well. If Country performs well in Norfolk, Raleigh, Orlando, Columbus, Milwaukee, Austin, Memphis and Hartford will we see new Country Music Radio sign-ons? What will be the forecast for multiple Country Music Radio markets like Nashville, Oklahoma City and Greensboro?

Charlotte and Puerto Rico will join the pack as major markets awaiting their turn in the PPM world of real vs. reported listening.  There are some markets that deserve and could support another Country sign-on. Providence, Austin, Norfolk, Orlando, Raleigh, Milwaukee, Hartford and maybe Memphis. If the Urban listening in Memphis relaxes in the meter world. Entercom, Border or Emmis should look at a Country sign-on in Austin if it appears KASE/KVET is beatable. It will be six months to year before we see a real pattern of electronic measured listening in these markets. Don't look for overnight moves just yet. 

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