Monday, April 5, 2010


How many Country stations have you listened too and maybe even you're own, where produced sweeper after produced sweepers play in the clock? This circumvents creativity. I just heard a Midwest smaller market Country station that employs the trick of the trade, that no one endorses. The imaging matrix for imaging grid that equally rotates several styles and forms of imaging:

  1. Listener Sweepers - Real ones, not sales ladies!
  2. Artist Sweepers - With song hooks and/or calls out (and into that artist's music, you would be surprised how many stations will play a Taylor Swift sweeper into Brooks & Dunn).
  3. Short Female Sweepers - Whispers - CAT COUNTRY, THE WOLF, etc.
  4. Image Sweepers - Attributes of the station
  5. Community/Town Sweepers - "Johnsonville, Sidler and Perry Creek, all towns we love".
  6. Artists Geo Sweepers - "More Taylor Swift for Trexlertown".
  7. Web Sweepers - Incentive topical, not "Hey click to win". Tie back to social media.
  8. Hourly ID's - With a comedic, community, cultural and Country tie-in.
  9. Jingles - Shorter, faster and image building - Not long Country positioning statements.
  10. Morning Show - Never in the past, only future. Reason to listen more.
Combining all of these elements makes for a more distinct listening occasion for your P-1's and will set you apart from the competitor - Unless they are already doing it and you are playing 12 in a row sweepers.


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