Thursday, April 1, 2010


How To Think About Social Media Engagement

I was honored to be asked to co-present a webinar on social media strategy with Triton Digital's Jim Kerr yesterday (for those who missed it, it will soon be archived here.) In my part of the webinar, I presented a section on developing policies and structure for the four broad "buckets" in which social media interactions can fall, and how to develop a differential strategy for each. Essentially, this means thinking about how to fill in this matrix:

Engagement Matrix.012.png
I was thrilled to get a lot of positive comments about this matrix after the webinar, so I wanted to expand on those thoughts and help you fill in the holes. Since this is really applicable to all of Edison's client base, I've put my thoughts on A Simple Matrix for Social Media Engagement up on our main Edison blog. I hope you'll read them and contribute some of your own thoughts. How do you think about getting your station prepared to engage online? Let us know!


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