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When you get a telemarketing call or solicitor, you can search the number and leave comments on the web site. Here's what the regular folks say about Arbitron:

I answered and participated in the far I have received $20 cash in the mail simply for answering a few questions on my afternoon commute.  They sent out the Arbitron survey equipment along with another $10.

Arbitron is a competitor to the Neilson Ratings, which just has more name recognition than Arbitron.  Ratings are what media outlets use to determine programing, advertising, etc.

Nothing wrong with this company and they legitimately have sent me cash on numerous occasions with now real motive or request for personal information.

Not endorsing their tactics, just saying its worth answering the telephone next time it rings.
Caller ID: Artibron
Caller: Arbitron

please list Arbitron's owner's PERSONAL PHONE NUMBERS so we can call them and see how they like it. Hopefully they will get the point of what their "business" really does - harass people at home.

When I get their numbers my call is going to go like this:

"Hello, I'm calling to do a survey on people's thoughts on receiving phone calls on surveys. Do you
A: Welcome the survery calls - love talking to strangers on the phone
B: Find them annoying
C: Too busy to talk - call again later

Thank you for your time - I will call again in a few days to see if you changed your answer.
Have a great day."

Please people are a ROYAL pain in the butt. They had called many times until I finally answered to see who this was. They said that they wanted to do a survey on radio station. I told them that I didn't want to do it and please not to call again. I also pointed out that we are on the National Do Not Call List. The guy said that surveys were exempt from that. I said that I knew that but proceeded to say, "Now that I have asked you not to call me, you have to honor that". He them responsed in a very snarky tone, "Is that so, mamm"? I said, that it was and that I NEVER do surveys and that my time was valuable. Then he had the balls to ask me if there was anyone else at home will to do his survey. I told him that I was the homeowner along with my husband and NO you can't talk to anyone else. The following day someone who referred to himself as a supervisor called and said that he wanted to explain why they wanted me to do the survey since it is so important to the local media. At this point, I BLEW A GASKET! I told him that I could care less about the radio stations getting this info and that this was their last chance to stop calling me or I'd report them. This fellow was more nasty than the first guy and said,"Oh, yeally, is that how it works"? I said that it does work that way, that he was invading my home and if they called again that I would indeed report them so someone. At that point he said, "Well, I guess we can't count on you to help us"! What a jerk! They haven't called again, YET. If they do, I have friends both at the local offices of Clear Channel and another more local group called Leighton Broadcasting. I say that my time is valuable and it is, but I am so irritated at this point that I will take as much of what I perceive asmy valuable time to cause these idiots some serious grief! Well, that's my rant for410 312-8222 = Arbitron
Listed on Verizon | Columbia, MD

Arbitron does listening & viewing surveys
for radio and TV programs.
They are well-known in the industry.

They do pay small fees, and,
as there is no way to verify the accuracy of one's answers, you can have some input into affecting program quality. You do not really have to watch the programs---just say you did and collect the money.
Be careful about what you supply for answers
regarding personal info. Your info can be sold
and distributed to other "survey-takers" or solicitors,
including permission to call your phone number.
Surveys are usually with written questionairs,
or a box attached to your TV.
Caller ID: 410 312-8222 Arbitron
Caller: Arbitron - Columbia, MD | Verizon this morning! Thanks for reading and good luck to all you lucky folks who must deal with these people!



  1. After participating for only one month our family of seven people was abruptly dumped by Arbitron. They called too often and questioned anything that looked suspicious like our children's readings being the same. When you have boys who are nearly the same age and are together most of the day, go figure. They aren't really interested in what people are realistically doing or listening to all day. Arbitron is nothing but annoying! If you have a big family, don't participate! They complain too much and then they dump you before you get your money!

  2. To get on their Do-Not-Call List:

    1) Call the number

    2) You will be asked to enter your phone number (I had to enter mine twice).

    3) I told them to put me on their Do Not Call List (I'm already on a do not call number list but that doesn't prevent these companies).

    4) They stated, "Ok, we'll no longer contact you for this survey". I stated "Put me on the Do Not Call for every survey. So they did.

  3. I agree, Arbitron is a pain. They call constantly and accuse people of wearing more than on monitor. They also lie about the compensation you are to receive for wearing the monitors. Very annoying people.

  4. Y'all are stupid all y'all have to do it write down what you listen on the radio, these people are literly giving us money to answer some stupid questions,

    1. Black Lives MatterAugust 9, 2015 at 7:06 PM

      You rednecks are even stupider!