Friday, February 19, 2010

Finger Candy Friday-From the Real World to Rural World: How Rachel Campos-Duffy Uses Social Media to Manage Her Career

From the 'Real World' to the Rural World:
How Rachel Campos-Duffy Uses Social Media to Manage Her Career From Home!
Meet Rachel Campos-Duffy: Television Host. Pundit.  Author.  Mother of Five.  Whatever her role Rachel is well-known for discussing the hot topics of the day in her signature honest, articulate, down-to-earth style. Rachel started her television career as a pioneer of reality TV on MTV’s groundbreaking reality show, “The Real World, San Francisco.” Fans of ABC’s “The View” will recall her recurrent role as a guest-host going head to the head with the likes of Barbara Walters and Meredith Viera in over twenty feisty performances. Her unique take on issues of the day are invariably colored by the Mid-Western rural town where she and her husband (former Real World, Boston Alum, Sean Duffy, District Attorney who is also running for Congress in Wisconsin's 7th District) are raising their five children. She is sought out by national media outlets like CNN,, MSNBC and FOX News for lively, thought-provoking discussions from her unique perspective as an at-home mom, Latina and conservative.
- Jessica Northey, Owner-Finger Candy Media

I’m an at-home mom of five (soon to be six), writer, blogger, pundit, regular radio guest, and some-times television personality.  I also happen to live in rural Wisconsin – about four hours away from a major airport and a reliable television satellite or local television station.
So, how do I do it?  Well, living so far from media hubs like Los Angeles and New York, means writing and keeping up a web presence is crucial to “staying alive”.  My website and columns are an easy way for producers and editors to access my point of view on the hot topics of the day.  So are my weekly guest appearances on a nationally syndicated Catholic radio show (which I do by telephone from my home office).

As my remote location becomes less of an issue, bookers are actually intrigued by my residence in “fly over country”.  It’s a welcome change from the usual circuit of urban, coastal pundits and guests.  Though I occasionally travel to NYC, LA, and Washington D.C. for certain shows (The View, Hannity, Dr. Phil), lately, I’m Skyping in from my living room more and more often.

Needless to say, my involvement in media and social/cultural commentary depend on technology and I feel blessed to be a mom living in these incredible times.  I credit Jessica Northey, the queen of social media, with introducing me to the benefits of social media and taking the fear and mystery out of using it.  Through her very customized approach and savvy marketing skills, she has helped me build and expand on what I had already established.  My columns, radio and television appearances are reaching wider audiences and I am able to alert my family, friends, readers, and fans of a media appearance instantly – which is important since many of my bookings are on short notice due to breaking news.  Technology and social media are helping me to live the life I want to live.  I can reside in a small town in the idyllic Northwoods of Wisconsin, be home with my kids, eliminate the cost and stress of travel, and contribute to CNN and other media outlets from the comfort of my living room – all while wearing pajama bottoms and slippers.  I’m a happy woman.

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