Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday Morning Meeting for January 20, 2010:

So What! You have a Web site…

Take that headline and put it to the tune of P!nk’s smash hit and you’ll never forget this FTC post.  On second thought…

Agencies are constantly being bombarded by stations about great deals offered on on-line inventory. There must be a big push at the corporate level to “sell the damn Web sites” because certain groups are really, really pushing hard.  Even some CBS stations have adopted the desperate “Streaming with that?” reminder on the bottom of e-mails (just beneath the ad rep’s signature).  I must confess that I really like just about every CBS rep whom I work with so I’ve behaved myself and have not replied: “nope.”   

But really, unless you’re a big CHR (think Z100 or KIIS-FM) whose stream shows up in the PPM, your “streaming with that?” is considered by agencies as nothing more than “added value with that?” Sure, everyone is on the Web these days—even the country faithful—and listeners are checking out station Web sites for contesting, jock pages/blogs, and other info. But, until the system is user friendly and until your audience is all over your Web site, a banner ad and a streaming-only spot won’t impress the agency, the client, or provide the results desired.  Radio is exceptionally efficient and even more so with the added value of a Web site. 

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Next week:  The one thing a sales manager should never tell an agency 

Bob Knight is Vice President, Advertising and Digital Media with Harrison Edwards PR & Marketing in New York and oversees the company’s advertising and HEdigital divisions, which include podcasting, webcasting, blogging; and print, electronic, and broadcast advertising and media buying. Prior to joining Harrison Edwards in 2005, Bob worked for some of the nation’s largest broadcasting companies, successfully developing programming in some of the most competitive markets including Chicago and San Francisco; his stations and shows were consistently top-rated.  In addition to Bob’s work as program director and on-air personality at AMFM, Inc., Clear Channel Communications, Citadel Broadcasting, Entercom, and NextMedia Group, he served as a consultant to Internet radio stations during the dot com boom. Bob’s national and regional radio commercials have won a Gold Clarion Award (AWC) and Gold “Big W” Awards (Ad Club) for commercials he produced. In 2008, Bob was named a “Rising Star Forty Under Forty” by the Business Council of Westchester and is a graduate of Leadership Westchester (Class of 2009).


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