Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wednesday Morning Meeting Bobby Knight

2009: Rewind
So, what were the biggest trends in radio advertising in this pile of dog crap that we called 2009?

1. Fire sale prices in Q1 & Q2, followed by station-level panic as demand rose Q3 & Q4. What to do with all those annual buys locked in at clearance prices???

2. Web is a more important part of the mix and so is less clutter on the air.

3. The PPM just might be a racist.

4. The iPod now has an FM tuner. This is an important message to advertisers.

5. Shorter engagements with agencies, quarterly rather than annual buys abound.

6. Healthcare dollars started saving the day.

7. Who needs Pontiac and Saturn and Hummer and...

8. Being down 20% is the new flat; being down 10% is the new up 5%.

9. Hey, there are a few stations who were sold out in December!

10. Radio is still the most efficient mass media and it still produces outstanding results when the right message is combined with the right buy.