Tuesday, December 8, 2009

COUNTRY PROGRAMMING IN 2010 (Social Media) Part 4 Chuck Geiger

At FTC we understand the value of viral marketing and social networking. We wrote about Social Media first and employ the services of Jessica Northey, Finger Candy CEO/President to write about it, every Friday. She is attending the Conclave webinar this week on Social Media and will be writing about it on Friday.

We ask our panel of smart folks to explore Social Media as we look towards 2010:

Jaye Albright, always insightful leads it off: "Don't put Facebook on your show, put your show on Facebook, on your blog, your podcasts, your texting. Allow listeners to have a voice in the music you play, but not in the old one person's request changes the station way of thinking. Listeners vote, and see how others vote, to champion their favorite songs and artists."

Alpha Director of Music Programming and KUPL PD Scott Mahalick with his concise contribution: "Social Media all the way. Video short messeging."

Johnny Paul from A&O posts: "Use it as much as you can and learn to use it the right way. Make Facebook and Twitter about connecting with the audience, not using it as another e-mail database to blast messages about the station to the masses. Someday soon, Facebook will not be cool. Always be on the lookout for the next big thing."

Lance Tidwell PD of WWYZ Hartford remarks: "I think we're all trying to figure this one out day to day... How much do we tweet? Do we tweet and Face? So do we delete our myspace now? Just how much time, energy and resources do we put into it? I think we are going to have to think more about a PD being more of a brand manager who understands the demo and a website and social media expert who can push that really big social media rock up the hill. Program the website so to speak. I know the demo but I sure don't have this socail media thing even slightly figured out. Radio is poised to be very influential on the web, I really believe that we have a bright future if we play all our cards right and will stick to what we do best, develop unique local audio content."

And finally Randy "Bubba" Black PD of KATM Modesto-Stockton "USE it, KNOW IT, GRASP IT, dont get left behind."

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