Thursday, December 10, 2009


I'm sure you can't get through the day without hearing "in this economy", "with cutbacks", "we don't have money for that" and more. My favorite now is: "It is what it is". This has been the mantra of radio for well over a year. It has rang like a bell with market managers, sales managers and account executives. But it's now infected the programming side of the building like the foot dragging after 9-11. This was mired in the management end, it was kept at bay. Now with programmers, music directors, morning shows, talent and production folks all whistling the same tune, there is limited creativity coming from radio. Only grumbling and doubting Thomas's. You can see it on the talent's social media sites. Lot's of whine with their cheese.

Air talent are keeping a low profile, telling other co-workers, "we're lucky to be working", I could be next", "at least we have jobs" and "I have an income". The job seems to be keeping your job. This was the norm with managers. It seems to have infected the rank and file. They say "S*** roll downs hill and it seems to have taken hold of the people that are suppose to be creative, promote entertainment value and make noise on the radio. Now we have a problem. Country radio has to have a creative, entertainment edge to bust through the music-only spectrum of the format. We need creative people to make promotions and content excel. From INSIDE RADIO: Personalities add new roles. Adapting to a ratings methodology change and staff cuts are only a few of the challenges facing air personalities in today’s radio landscape. Being part of their community, working with sales and serving as station ambassador are more important than ever. And stations expect it.

As my dear friend and programmer Kevin Barrett of KTRB San Francisco told me, "You need to program with blinders on, focusing on the creative aspect of the product and don't leer at the negative components that are rampant." Why should the doom and gloom take over the programming department unless it's being used as an excuse to be anti-productive and not move the needle. Water boils at 212 degrees not 100. We get back from the listeners and customers what we put into the process. Keep the fire in your belly burning. Make sure you are engaged.


  1. We all have some amazing tools at our disposal, but it's like watching kids in a wood shop: everyone seems afraid they'll cut their hand off! And so you get 30 birdhouses that all look alike.

    We're not at the END of an era... we're at the beginning of a NEW era! Innovate and win!