Monday, November 9, 2009


Here’s a litmus test that may help you find out.
  • Does it out perform the station as a whole by one to one and half shares in demo?
  • Does at least 65% of the station cume listen in the morning?
  • Is it doing something to garner TV or newspaper coverage at least once a month?
  • When you listen, does it give you all the information you need for your day in each half hour?
  • Does it give the listener something to talk about each half hour?
  • Is there an emotional moment each half hour?
  • Are the listeners involved in the show? How often?
  • Are they talking about local people, places and things, or are they tying what they are talking about into local people, places or things?
  • Do they sound like people you’d like to know? Like to hang with?
  • Be subjective: Are they measurably better than other morning shows in your market vying for the same target?
  • Do they understand their target and what moves them emotionally? 
  • Are they in touch, physically with their audience on a regular basis?
  • Are they preparing their show together?
  • Is the show always pointed “out”?
  • Are they communicating with their listeners on social media sites about more than contests coming up?
Some of these points only touch the tip of a very large iceberg. And, I’m sure if you think about it, you can add to the list.
 Bottom line: Your morning show must be working if your radio station is going to not only be a winner, but also be able to either play offense or defense successfully.
Bob Glasco
Glasco Media

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