Friday, November 6, 2009

Don’t Just Get Lucky-Get Results! 21 Ways To Get The Most From Twitter!

I write about Twitter a lot because next to Myspace it is the easiest way to grow your Social Media Network. Facebook and LinkedIn are limited to the people you already know so it can be difficult to grow outside your existing network. Twitter is also a great tool to increase traffic to your website, Facebook Fan Page, Myspace or even LinkedIn.  I have clients who report increases of website traffic up to 5000% through Twitter efforts.

About a month ago I achieved my personal goal of getting 10,000 followers. As it stands today I have over 21,500. (this was written at the beginning of November currently I have almost 39,000-1/8/2010)

I still try different stuff on my account all the time and experiment to see what works.  RSS feeds, quotes, great articles, Re-Tweets, strategically following people who follow people I think I have things in common with to increase the potential for them following me back as well as helpful Twitter Applications. I am also developing my own Socialality…Socialality is different for everyone and just like your ‘Personality,’ your Socialality should reflect your brands unique attributes including behavioral, temperamental, emotional and mental that give you character.

Here are some of the ways you can get the most out of Twitter: 

1.) Define your goals and manage your own Social Media expectations!
2.) Use a great photo of you that is engaging and shows your personality, this will be your benchmark for success. 
3.) Only use your logo if you have a personal AND a company profile (Some Radio Stations may want to have station and individual On-Air Personality Day-part Twitter Accounts-this will depend on ability to manage and your own internal PR rules.)
4.) List a website, blog, Myspace or url link (test that it works) to a place where followers can get more information about you.
5.)  Make sure that “Protect My Updates” is NOT checked!
6.) You need a great bio that includes keywords that are strategic to the market you are trying to grow you/your brand too. 
7.) Re-Tweet and Re-Tweet  again, this is a great way to validate others. It shows that you are listening and care about what they are saying!
8.) Use the Twitter Search tool ( to find subjects, keywords, trending topics that are important to you and follow the people who are talking about them.
9.) Use anything but the default Twitter Avatar and Background.  Nothing says, ‘I don’t care’ MORE than the default Twitter Bird Avatar or default Blue Cloud Background. 
10.) Promote Twitter on your other Social Media Networks and vice versa.  This is GREAT for SEO-Search Engine Optimization.)
11.) Consistently talk about your Social Media Participation when you are out in public or on the air.
12.) Download a Twitter Application into your phone. It is just like texting and should be treated the same.
13.) You really DO NOT need an automatic Direct Message.  It can come off as insincere and most people are put off by them.
14.) Thank EVERYONE who Retweets you and reply to EVERYONE who @replies to you.
15.) No one cares what you had for breakfast or the last time you made a bowel movement! There is such a thing as TMI
16.) Try to make Social Media useful for your Followers by providing information and tips that benefit THEM!.
17.) Twitter is GLOBAL and PUBLIC. Everyone who follows you can see what you are saying.  That means if you are Twittering you will want to make sure you use the same public relations rules you use for yourself or your company. 
18.) Use Twitter to have discussions with your followers. You can ask them what they want!
19.) Download Tweetdeck, Seismic or Twitterific for a better understanding of how to use Twitter to its full potential.
20.) Try to spend at least a half an hour a day on Twitter
21.) Try to spend only a half an hour a day on Twitter.

Jessica is the Social Media Editor for Full Throttle Country-Country
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  1. I agree with #20 and #21 - hard to be a social networker and not participate. On the other hand, you can find yourself living on twitter. Excellent post!

    Brady Crabb