Monday, October 26, 2009

Why is this patty cold? Chuck Geiger

Everyone that knows me, knows I love the sizzle with the meat. Boring, mundane and pleasant radio makes for no real impact or sense of feeling with the user and the staff. Maybe we lack sizzle and the patty is cold because we don't know how to heat it up. Are the staff of radio stations becoming droids to the process because no one at the top is inciting active and pedal to the metal radio?

When we all begin to talk about it, maybe people will pay attention. Bob Raleigh and Jaye Albright are talking about it - Bob Glasco makes a living on talking about - We need to a temendous call to action to implement a way to make Country radio loud and proud. Doing this despite the economic troubles that prevail. I'm getting to the point where it's reaching critical mass. I can't keep talking about it forever with little to no movement on the subject.

I will tell you what's going to happen and you can take this to the bank: When the economic rebound that is starting moves into full swing, radio executives are going to be all over programming about why these radio stations sound so boring and vanilla. They can't rebound financially and make the month with poor products for these clients. Make it a resolution for the New Year to being the sonic and stationality level of your product up to 212 degrees (when water boils).

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