Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Introducing the new R&R is back:  The sandbox redefined

First and foremost, Bob Glasco's posting on Full Throttle Country yesterday was sensational.  If you're a GM or a PD in search of a consultant, I'd strongly suggest speaking with Bob--regardless of format.  Bob has hit the nail on the head:  Today's radio game is all about the "R" word: revenue.  But, I'd like to introduce another "R" word into the conversation: results.  From the agency perspective, I couldn't agree more with Bob's assessment of "R" revenue--it is the engine that drives our creative economy, but "R" results are just as critical to the agency and the client.  

Today, agencies too, are feeling the pressure.  Clients demand results and we must deliver.  This means we're now demanding more from stations just to be considered on a buy.  With so much on the line, I'm finding that I won't even speak to certain market-leading stations whose PD won't consider a clever promotion, remote, or product placement.  I'm also avoiding working with stations whose sellers will only sell inventory, not ideas or results.  I'd rather work with a flexible station with softer ratings, than the market leader who won't budge. After all, it is a frequency game, isn't it?  By all means, don't interpret this plea as an excuse to junk up your airwaves with clutter.  Stick to your brand because it's the reason why we've decided to buy you in the first place--just be willing to have a conversation.

Most creative sales rep award of October:  Sandy Speigel of WFMT-FM/Chicago. Sandy did her homework, saw an opportunity for one of our clients with an artist, and pitched a sensational NTR opportunity.  The idea was true to WFMT's brand and the client's brand--and would certainly yield measurable results.  Gold star for you, Ms. Spiegel!

Biggest blunder of '09:  Rep from Boston badgering me to fill her inventory of network sports programming (dominant M18-49).  (The buy was against older women with a high HHI).  What kind of results would that buy yield?

R&R:  Revenue & Results is the name of the game in 2010.

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Next week:  Helping the agency to visualize the listener

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