Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I was watching CNN this weekend as I ran on the gym treadmill Sunday morning.   The story was about the power of “Free”.   http://tr.im/ByDZ    The word Free inspires the most amazing emotional response that leads to the complete abandonment of all reason.   Offer something for free and 100% of the people choose the item regardless of value.  That is the best news ever.  We can exploit this powerful phenomenon on a daily basis, because we are now in the midst of the biggest change in the way business is done in the world. 

Today’s consumer expects to GET something for freeeeeee as the added incentive for choosing a product or service.  Do a Google search on the word “free” and see what I mean.   

Well guess what?  Radio has been the prevailing “Free” source for news and entertainment since forever.  We pretty much invented it.   But somehow we forgot how powerful a message it is.  So it is our job to remind our audience just exactly how great this Radio thing is.  You see it’s not just radio, it’s “Audio Entertainment”.  You get it in your car pretty much crystal clear and all over town.  It can be enjoyed on your computer all over the world, your cell phone, I-pod, and mp3 player too. 

A N D, you can create that atmosphere of “premium” choice and still offer it for “Free” with the addition of production and Imaging by offering your station’s best features via podcast and on demand.  Yep, repackage the “artist interview and live in-studio performance”, the funny bit your morning show did, or special and rare music you keep in your vault.  This is the sort of programming that leads to brand building.  The possibilities and options are endless.  Radio has to be more than a juke-box or it will not survive the onslaught of internet only juke boxes coming at us by the thousands.  So “Free-Up some creative energy, and offer something for free that only you can provide.  Don’t be two thousand late, be 2000 great.  This decade is almost over.    

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