Sunday, September 13, 2009


I feel like the reverse of Jerry Del Colliano, actually writing something positive about Clear Channel's PREMIUM CHOICE Country. KHGE Big Country 1027 in Fresno is running the channel and it has some very positive touts: 24/7 there are mostly likely better talent than you can afford and even attract in the current radio economy. The format is relatively current based and the gives the talent on the channel, a lot of artist fodder. They are putting in the talent in dry breaks using the brand/calls in local inserts and the music selection is right on target. The smartest thing they are doing; Using Yeah there's a smart phone application for this platform. Jerry likes to refer to it as REPEATER RADIO. One other look at the format, you see a viable, cost-effective platform to deliver product. If you compare the breaks of a PREMIUM CHOICE Country station and the local live/or tracked station, there isn't much difference. Listening to both KSKS and KHGE on Saturday, KSKS was voice tracked from local full-time talent and Premium Choice had Angie Ward on KHGE. She actually had some content about Taylor Swift and KSKS just talked about the songs coming up and the talent tracked into a recorded spot he was on for a cable endorsement. PREMIUM CHOICE on KHGE tracked into a promo for RASCAL FLATTS CONCERT TICKETS AT THE CLOVIS FEST. PREMIUM CHOICE wins in that A-B listening review. Where the format has to grow: PD's of these stations will have to deliver stellar imaging and break fills. Where the channel ties back to the local station, the localisms can be plugged in. I mean a localism is a localism, regardless whether it's recorded or live. Doug Montgomery is doing a fabulous job taking a blank canvas and painting a Country channel that sounds good and works in this climate.

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