Friday, August 28, 2009

OPPS, DID I SAY THAT? Social Media Guidelines from Jessica Northey

I read a couple articles about Social Media Guidelines as well as trending disciplinary actions for violations. For some it is common sense to control what to say or not say when being “social” including but not limited to Email, Posting, Texting, Uploading and Tweeting. I admit to some ‘poisen pen’ emails, text, posts that can’t be taken back. I am a passionate, Type A personality with a flair for the dramatic. But, I want to attract clients and throwing people, places, things under the bus probably won’t do that. When taking inventory or mentioning social media practices, or lack of by certain institutions, I try to keep my points general and never name names or examples. Research conducted by Proofpoint, a leader in unified email security and data loss prevention shows the following: -17% disciplined an employee for violating blog or message board policies. Nearly 9% terminated an employee for such a violation -15% disciplined an employee for violating multimedia sharing/posting policies while 8% reported terminating an employee for violations. - 13 % of US companies investigated an exposure event involving mobile or Web-based short message services It’s apparent that social media is changing how companies do business; the way we work, the way we communicate with current and future customers, co-workers and the community. So how do companies manage the legal and financial risks? Here are some Social Media guidelines from Intel Corporation; These are a starting point for your own personal use or an example for code of conduct guidelines to adopt into your company. Jessica is the Social Media Editor for Full Throttle Country- an interactive idea sharing and new media on-line service for Country Music Radio Programming. She specializes in big ideas and is known for her ability to create complete marketing campaigns and bridge marketing partnerships. Her company Finger Candy is a Social and New Media Design Firm. Visit 559-349-5933

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