Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Fall 2009 is going to be the make or break for a lot of Country radio stations. It's important you pay particular attention to the sound of the radio station and bring a level of showbiz, entertainment and fun to your local, topical and listener-injected product platform. New Country is our model for 2009; Music steeped in the 2000's with little reference to anything marginal or lower. A hit-based music platform with creativity and purpose in the imaging department. I am working on writing a lot of imaging these days, I am conscious of the PPM-style of bullet-point writing, but want to tie the particular stations into the geographical areas they serve. I recommend that you ignore music quantity issues and present the music as service elements with as much information and fun as time constraints allow. Wrap the imaging around the community in fun and creative ways. Community service and social network interactions need a place on every Country station, to further solidify the station with the life group. Ask people that embrace social networks what they like to read from friends. Funny comedic quips from the morning show, music information, trivia for on air with social network tie backs. Try to avoid: "Win Rodeo tickets with Jimmy after 3p today". Replace that; "The Harlan Valley Rodeo rocks and we've got tickets for your family to win". Write a series of tweets, like liners, but with information and fun creative. Talk to as many people as you can to gauge how to better present your product and the platforms around the product without over selling. Read The Burns study on content, bring the content from the talent and the listeners, along with music points to the top of the grid and balance them with platform and product sells. Work with the talent, bring them aboard into the process of making the radio station better. If clients want promotions and sales platforms with sizzle, then do it. It helps the radio station's noise level. As long as they make sense and don't distract from the life group attractions of the station.

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