Monday, July 13, 2009


Let’s say, a magic wand has been waived and you came to work today (Monday 7-13-09) and it was like 10 years ago, there was a research budget, spot sales were on the incline, you had a budget for live air talent around the clock and you have marketing money. What would you do? Would you question this miracle? Would go over the top in your spending? But, wait you know what’s going to happen in ten years, would it make you frugal, would you become a conservative manager of people and resources, knowing that in ten years, it would be hopeless, with cuts in every department, spending on the decline and reduced adverting income. This is what I get for watching my DVR of Twilight Zone’s from the marathon last weekend. We’re hoping that in several quarters to mid-2010, we will we see a resurgence. Everyone is hoping and praying that a miracle will happen; that broadcast companies will resume becoming broadcast companies. Even when they do, we have to perform at a higher level with lesser dependence on promotional/marketing budget line items. Times have changed with multiple media offering and social networking, new forms of receiving music and programming and the employment of PPM, there will be less reliance of gimmicks and games. Thank God. If we knew then, what we know now, would we have changed out method of operations? If we could have prevented this social-economical decline in the advertising aspirations of media, would we have done so? Hard to tell; we want more and always did. We need a new business model, we needed one in 2000. When business returns and the resurgence of capital returns to broadcasting, maybe we can look down the road and remember what we’ve been through, preventing the next decline.

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  1. I've only played in the smaller markets. So we never had a research budget. But It gives me chills remembering the days when there were live shifts around the clock. It was a beautiful thing and a wonderful hand full.
    I think I would enjoy without over spending, even knowing the fate of the climate ahead. No more than I needed and no less. I would certainly not take it for granted. I would savor the possibilities.