Friday, July 10, 2009


Bob Glasco is missed in the daily Country programming ranks, but as soon as this circus called radio is straightened out, he will be back. As a programmer and consultant of full-throttle Country stations, Bob would often share his insights in his monthly newsletters. The most basic piece of information we should all have in the foreground of our consciousness at all times is; “how do I want my station to be thought of by my listeners?” “What do I want to be famous for?” Without being thoroughly immersed in this, how can we ever hope to sell our station to the listener? How can we describe, or define our station to potential or current P-1’s? How can we know what needs to be perpetuated through how we do what we do, and what, in fact we do? As you go through your day, whether it’s writing promos and sweepers, working with talent on their content and presentation, or any other , “sound” decision you make, remember; every thing you do on your air, and every appearance the station makes on the street are all a part of imaging the station to the listeners. Do you know what your station should be famous for in order to compete successfully in your market? This, “word” or thought should be your programming and marketing, “filter.” Every decision you make on air or off should be run through this filter. Will it reinforce it? Is it true to it? Does it fit? The station’s, “position” defines its personality. There are a couple of exercises I’d recommend you do with your staff at the next meeting, if you haven’t already done so. First, write a description of the typical listener in the center of your station’s target. You might even give the listener a name to help the talents focus. Second, write a description of the radio station as it is now. Do they match? The station’s, “description,” must be in harmony with the target. It’s, “description” is its position. There are , of course a couple of nice side benefits from doing this with the staff; everyone immediately gets on the same page concerning who the target is, and what we want to be famous for. In addition, with this newfound focus, the staff can and should become contributing writers to your image promo campaign. It also helps the talents frame their thinking better. Knowing who the target is allows them to refine their content, and knowing what we’re all about let’s them refine their presentation of the content. As you put together the station’s, “description,” remember focus. A person or entity can’t try to be famous for more than one or two things at most. Everything else on the list will be in support of that one thing.

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