Sunday, July 5, 2009


When you come back to your Country station in your role, after the July 4th break, what will you do differently? Did you think about the sound of your station? Are you one of the markets that just entered PPM pre-currency? Are you coming on-line in Oct/Nov? Is there a new way to approach solidifying your role as the Country leader? Are you the secondary performer? Lots of questions and these are questions a Country programmer needs to tackle upon return from a holiday break.
While the hall rovers ask "How was your holiday weekend?" and they go on a rampant about non-pertinent issues, you will already have an idea of what you need to do as a programmer to build your brand further or grab it up the boot lace. When I programmed I always used a holiday break to reflect and figure out where to go. When I came in Monday with 5 pages of imaging and new clock tweaks, not the most admired man on campus. But, isn't this why we became radio programmers, talent and imaging professionals, because we cared about what we do.
I will not be able to come into a radio station tomorrow morning with fresh thoughts and ideas, but you can. Take the bull by the horns and bury the threat of job security, stop being a slave to the administrative process, do one thing different tomorrow that will have a positive impact on the sound of your radio station.

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