Thursday, July 23, 2009


Country chases the same audience 10a-3p Mon-Fri that AC does, we direct the radio station in all design at 25-54 adults. Country stations in their sound design seem to make no attempt in imaging and conversations to direct any midday programming, live or voice-tracked at the work place audience and let AC bang us up pretty good. Every station has: COUNTRY CAFE, HIGH NOON SALOON, ALL REQUEST LUNCH HOUR and they offer little more than radio jargon and lip-service to the at work users. The plan is entrench the workday audio in a mirror of what the at work listeners are doing, on the job, in the workplace, on the road, in the shop and at home. Relate to them in their prospective environments. With Twitter, Facebook and texts, we have a three-tiered approach to communicating. Radio station websites with postings for win this, win that will not work without using the medias the listeners use to communicate. The communications with the at work life group doesn't need to be all contest based. Take the Twitter simple premise "What are you doing at work" and apply to the bonding with the work place listener ship. Here's some ideas that can be used to bring some audio magic to the midday, work place day part. 9A-4P WORKIN’ WITH THE WOLF. Pack Leaders Junior Pack Leaders Increase your chances of winning free stuff. Workin’ with The Wolf Shout outs from the Wolf Work Force. All breaks and imaging needs to focus on WORKIN’ WITH THE WOLF. 12N Every day – Wolfin’ it down w/ The Wolf. Tweets, requests, calls, texts, workplace drama. Movie Monday – free movie passes at work. Two Fer’ Tuesday – Double winners, you win at work and your co-worker wins too. Wolfin’ It Down Wednesday- Eat and greets with Ken and Corey. Trippin Thursdays – Free Concerts or getaways out of the fog. Free For All Friday – You select the sets on The Wolf with tweets, texts and more. 11:50a-1:20p – Focus is on the lunch break – Tweets, texts, calls, emails used for requests. Focus on workplace breaks. Talk to PACK about what’s new in the office or on the job site – Workplace drama. What the company does. Listeners who listen more than 957 minutes a day at work qualify to be Pack Leaders. They get priority in the pack.They record sweepers: I’M DIANE CHO OF LAMBERT PACKING IN SAN BRUNO AND I’M WORKIN’ WITH THE WOLF. All WOLF listeners who are WORKIN’ WITH THE WOLF less than 957 Minutes per day. We thank them and encourage them to listen more. More Fresh Country and winning at work. Encourage P-2’s to become P-1’s Encourage streaming from the web site and other applications.WORKIN' WITH THE WOLF break covers on-line. All done by listeners, who invite more of the WOLF WORK FORCE to lead the PACK. Have a simple, but cost creative plan to work some magic 10a-3p and make it a real daypart other than just music and music tidbits from artists. This will go along way in positioning your station against the AC for workplace ratings.

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