Friday, July 3, 2009


As we slip past mid-year 2009, is celebrating our 10th Anniversary. AllAboutCountry has become the leading website for Country Radio and Music people to get their daily dose of News and Information. In fact, it was the first web-site to have a picture with every story.

I started to give Country radio and music professionals all the information they need. We get millions and millions of hits per month and we have grown to over 32,000 members.

Each day and week we feature the latest radio and music news and information, Arbitron diary and PPM’s numbers, Feature Articles, important questions for the industry, music charts, new songs, a job section, a vent section, Country Calendar, Artist and Label links and more.

AllAboutCountry even has an Internet Music station on iTunes radio called, AllAboutCountryNewMusic, which gets a fabulous amount of listening hours.

I thank the hard working staff that makes stay ahead of the headlines and I thank the Country community for letting us be a part of their day.

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