Sunday, July 19, 2009


Sunday reflection from Bob Glasco: This may come across on the harsh side, but considering the times we’re in, and what’s happening to our business, it’s time for some harsh realities to be spoken. Is it possible that we are trying to be too many things to people? We are, after all, a radio station, with a core duty to entertain and inform our listeners. I just read another in a long line of blogs, memos, tirades, etc. about how radio stations have to be the masters of the Internet to survive and that if we don't have a blog, a web page or a Twitter presence that does everything but cook hot dogs, we're doomed. The industry seems to be gulping this down as fast as the “experts” feed it to us. Are we abandoning what as always been a perfectly good cash flowing business to embark on a new journey to try to conquer (or at least get a large piece of) an entirely different industry? Why? If you talk to Internet marketers they will tell you permission marketing is far and away the No. 1 moneymaker on the Web. I don't hear anyone talking about that. I do hear a lot of nice catch phrases written by people who I would wager have never made a dime on the Internet, and who are watching their radio station's (if they even work for one) revenue dry up because they've taken their eye off that ball. Where is it written that Internet commerce will take the place of radio advertising revenue? I’m afraid Radio is spending all it’s time trying to write that right now instead of taking care of what made us famous in the first place. If you want to extend your brand, fine. Just don’t kill it in the process.


  1. "we're all about social networking, multi platforms, and content is king...bla bla bla bla".

    It's simply a red herring, sounds great at conventions and conferences. I've attended
    serveral conferences in the last few years where the marketing communications people far out numbered the actual participants. They all wear the sport coat without a tie, and talk about ramping up. Most of these quick change artists or on to a new venture by the time the P&L statements hit the front office

    Buzz Bennett

  2. Hey Chucker:

    Same kid with the Jessie Bullet memos?