Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Subject: Hot Topic for Your Blog "Hey Chuck.. Hope everything is going well. I have a question you can add to your Blog.. How would you handle a Local Tragedy Event like in Kansas with the Abortion Dr. Being Killed? With such a Hot topic as Abortion How much would you present it on air. It is a Local Topic but a Real Hot Button. Your Audience wold be divided on it and you could lose some P1's." Thanks Cody, this is a great idea - We can open it up to programmers and air talent on their thoughts - I know to be honest is the one way of presenting the material. Another idea - Why go there? Unless the audience is insisting on making it dialogue. If it's prepped material you bring to the show and it flies then the burden is on the morning show to decipher how to handle it. Look to the cookie Elaine, Look to News/Talk and how they handle delicate on air scenarios. Share both opinions and you won't eliminate anyone. There are some who will turned off, but remember they aren't being turned off on the station, just comments on the morning show. Now let's open this up!

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  1. Other than to present this as a news item...why would you open the phones as a topic? If it could KILL OFF P1's, why would you do it? Rather than risk tune a hit and shut off the mics.