Sunday, May 31, 2009


Last blog we talked about in the inability of especially country radio to reach the life group and the constant talking over their heads. Here's 10 ways to better reach the life group that you can have on the air in a week. These do not have to contest driven. 10-5:
10.) I LOVE THIS BAR - Simple and unique - Have patrons of local watering holes vote for their favorite hang-outs, stop by and hang with them and turn it into a mini-focus group on what they like and don't like about Country radio. Make this a Facebook and Twitter feature.
9.) VIP - Very Important Person - A listener who has performed over and above the call of duty in a church group, public service organization, civic organization, school or armed forces related. They are honored once a week by the morning show and on Facebook and Twitter.
8.) I THINK MY TRACTOR'S SEXY - Listener's send in pix of their favorite tractor and they are posted on Facebook with Twitter tiny/urls.
7.) FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS - Sam McGuire when he was in Harrisburg came up with this. One hour broadcast with the morning show from a civic event, bake sale, car wash, church rummage sale and related early on a Saturday morning. Tweet this to the life group and they will spread the word as well.
6.) CHARITY OF THE MONTH - Every talent picks a local charity and records a promo for them. Rick Torcaso did this on all of the Young Country stations. This is huge for the life group. Facebook and tweets too. Talent will adopt and become intertwined with these organizations.
5.) JOIN COMMUNITY SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS - Help the community and become a member of a group of your choice, not for social status, not for radio ego, but to help and aid the group. This will go a long way with the life group.
Have a great Sunday - 4 more and What I learned from Renee Zellweger on Monday June 1st.

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