About FTC

FULL THROTTLE COUNTRY is Country Music Radio's Interactive FREE Idea Sharing and New Media Platform. We specialize in idea sharing of many categories of programming and operations: Stationality development, imaging, morning show concepts, programming in the PPM age, talent coaching, job searching, career advancement, research, we are your social media authority, production, format clocks/grids, sales,  marketing and new technologies

We began May 29, 2009 as an independent blog to offer ideas pertaining to the overall programming and operations of Country radio stations. A spirit we still embrace, we speak our mind with no political connections to Country Radio. Ironically, the first day we published was the last date of publication for Radio and Records. We honor the "bible of the industry" on FULL THROTTLE COUNTRY. We seldom discuss music and let most of the other on-line trades talk about the music and promotion process. We all know how that works and we represent the other areas of entertainment, show-biz and the contemporary positioning of Country Music Radio.

Chuck Geiger is FULL THROTTLE COUNTRY'S creator and managing editor. Chuck spent 35 years in radio programming and on air talent positions. In 1997, Chuck began his entry into Country Music Radio programming the legendary WCTO Allentown (Cat Country 96). After KZSN Wichita and KHGE Fresno, he began FULL THROTTLE COUNTRY. Chuck has worked in new business development for The Fresno Bee and is currently the marketing coordinator for UNIQUE ORTHODONTICS in Fresno/Clovis.

Jessica Northey is FULL THROTTLE COUNTRY'S Social Media Maven and associate editor. Jessica runs her own social media business based in Tucson, AZ: Finger Candy Media. She writes and edits her own Friday feature on FTC devoted to Social Media and Country Music Radio: FINGER CANDY FRIDAY. Jessica has over 20 years experience in media sales and marketing. Jessica currently writes daily for ALL ACCESS and moderates social media panels at radio and digital conventions and gatherings all over the country. 

Comments are encouraged and guest articles are always welcome. Comments can be made below all of our articles and features. FULL THROTTLE COUNTRY is published 24/7. To learn more about FULL THROTTLE COUNTRY contact: Chuck Geiger, Managing Editor or Jessica Northey, Associate Editor